The 5 C's Of Leadership



Knowing and embracing your values, believing in yourself and having the courage to make challenging decisions without compromising your values

• Willing to take risks
• Being trustworthy
• Building trust
• Shaping strategy & tasks aligned with values
• Living life in uniformity


The ability to make decisions or act (based on individual or organizational value or objective) amidst fear, disapproval or potentially negative consequences; unafraid to demand excellence, driven to deliver on commitments

• Willing to make challenging decisions
• Making stable-minded life/business decisions
• Prioritizing people and customer value
• Instilling passion in others
• Desiring excellence over mediocrity


Championship Mindset

Thinking, speaking, living and making decisions as one with the readiness of knowledge, understanding and self-awareness; passionate, competitive, and laser-focused with an intent and drive to succeed while motivating others similarly

• Identify, create and act on new opportunities
• Devise strategies
• Accomplish Results
• Formulate and execute strategic tasks
• Optimize processes
• Practice to sharpen skills
• Think soundly through crisis situations
• Seek expertise of others


Effective, mobilizing, empowering, inspiring communicator that not only gets someone excited but infused with a desire to change, be better and achieve results

• Active Listener
• Prudence in selecting and choosing words
• Honest & Candid
• Discerning on how to provide feedback
• Reflective & Strong Self Critic
• Collaborator
• Build, empower, inspire to strengths of other


Determination to be and do what you are purposed to do; unwavering doing what is right not necessarily easy; approaching life with a decisiveness to go past fear and confusion and propel toward your determined goal or path.

• Determination to see others succeed
• Fearless in Adversity
• Perseverance & Endurance
• Exercise Patience to achieve best results
• Sacrifice & discipline to gain peak performance
• Diligent improving skills and talents of oneself and others

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