Keynote Speaking On Vital Topics

Whether you need to mobilize a sales force, energize an executive team, or inspire CEOs at a corporate retreat, Harobed, Inc. will address your audience with three significant elements – knowledge, power and authority.

All three work hand in hand to not only motivate and inspire people to reach their goals, but to also leave the experience and commit to change behavior, make better decisions living life more authentically and effectively.

Because we take a customized approach to meet our clients’ needs, you have the option of:
• Choosing among topics we offer
• Working with us to co-create topics that more specifically meet your needs at that time, or
• Give us your purpose and allow us to mold and create the topic you feel will affect your group the most.


Motivating And Transforming

Speakers of Harobed, Inc. can and will empower and educate people to make critical personal and professional connections that may be holding them back from their best, while helping to motivate and transform their thinking to commit and propel forward to live/work at their peak. Our expertise and sampling of topics (available as keynotes and seminars):

• Building Cohesive Teams
• Critical Conversations
• Power and Authority in Christian Leadership
• Mentorship A Must
• Aligning Values with Goals
• Ain't No Mountain High Enough
• Approaching Change Courageously
• Effective Communication - Listening vs. Talking
• Character and Reputation
• A Championship Mindset
• The Cost of Honor
• Managing Individually
• The Paralysis of Fear - The Liberty of Hope
• Suffering Has Purpose

Helping a coaching client
Learn More About How We Can Help You

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