Educate and Empower through Seminars and Workshops

On-Location Seminars And Workshops

Along with motivating and inspiring people through passion, corporations with well-balanced objectives embrace the need to educate and empower their people as well.

Harobed offers seminars and workshops geared toward creating more engagement and interaction with the audience, focusing especially on identifying common issues within a group, creating activities that aid in problem-solving these areas and on hands role-playing type sessions that meet the needs of both practice and execution.

Seminars are typically done in a lecture-demonstration format; workshops are done in a more hands-on format, which can be beneficial for training purposes as well. Both are most effective with smaller audiences that can be broken out into manageable groups to encourage open discussion and creativity to generate relevant solutions.

Roundtables And Peer Discussion Groups

Dialogue for dialogue’s sake can be helpful, yet what most organizations desire is purposeful dialogue to glean critical feedback, identify challenging areas that could be stifling success, solicit creative ideas on new products and opportunities based on market demand, and finding executable solutions.

In smaller group settings we help facilitate those discussions so that they evolve from thought to action plans to execution and demonstrating results.

Examples Of Our Services

Examples of Roundtable and Peer Discussions are:
• Career Development
• Leadership Development
• Organizational Change
• Hiring for and Managing Differences

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