Our Founder's Story

Deborah M. Jackson, a native of New Orleans, is a transformative speaker, author, coach and trainer. With over 20 years experience in the corporate sales arena, she has been sought after by organizations and individuals for her innate abilities to:
• Listen attentively
• Help people delve more deeply beyond the surface of their issues
• Identify the sources of personal and professional barriers
• Develop action plans with realistic solutions
• Help meet the critical needs of building leadership behaviors and improving relevant competencies and skills.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from the University of New Orleans (UNO) in 1988 on a four-year tennis scholarship, and will be continuing the pursuit of her Master’s of Divinity with Specialization in Christian Education and Counseling.

Her drive, competitive spirit, insight and wisdom have contributed to her helping to create top-performing quality sales leaders, professionals, managers and executives across the country. Her corporate career was complemented by a highly successful 20-year competitive tennis career that took her from playing #1 with Division 1 status to the satellite tour. This taught her discipline, commitment, and courage through challenges and adversities that have blessed her with a power and authority to give to others in ways that not only persuade and move them emotionally but transform their lives.

Deborah has worked for two of the largest corporations in the world - Johnson & Johnson and Merck & Company. And through her experiences in leadership, coaching and training hundreds of professionals, she has developed a reputation of being committed to people, remaining honest with them, and unwavering in her purpose to help them get on their right path, reach their potential, and function at their truest, most optimal fulfilling level.

Gifted With Insight

Those who know Deborah also know of her undying commitment, relationship and love for God, which she believes comes in and through the person of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. And while she has managed, coached and trained hundreds of people and never forced her beliefs on any person, what she gives and has given to them has been accomplished with a balance of authenticity, love and passion for them to succeed.

Often people refer to Deborah as one who is gifted with insight, wisdom, power and authority in her words that compel you to listen. Her gift of words help individuals to think and respond more deeply, to name their personal or professional realities, and to better navigate through life's challenges and decisions.

Ms. Jackson possesses special gifts in ministering to youth and both single/married men and women of all ages. Since 1996 she has served as a spiritual counselor and workshop presenter in the Faith-based Oracle National Summer Institute For Youth in Washington, DC. She has served in leadership positions on Church Women’s Life Boards and Special Events Committees, and still serves as a teacher and facilitator in Beth Moore, Ann Graham Lots, and Crown Ministries Bible Studies.

Career Highlights

Deborah's training career began in 1999 in the medical device and surgical industry. Her speaking and coaching career began in 2002 when she began leading, managing teams across 7 states and creating, executing and delivering special projects in and for marketing, human resources, sales executives and sales professionals. Deborah simultaneously began delivering keynote addresses at Women's Conferences, Bible studies and Singles Retreats in MS, GA, NC and DC.

Maintaining a desire for entrepreneurship, Deborah took her 20 years of learning and set her plan in motion to launch her own company Harobed, Inc. (Deborah spelled backwards) in 2011, where her focus remains on sharing all she's been given and has experienced, to help individuals and organizations build quality leaders. "It's an internal work that manifests external lasting results!"

To learn more about how Deborah Jackson and Harobed can help you and/or your organization, call us at 704-754-9544 in North Carolina, 1-855-HAROBED toll-free outside of NC, or use our convenient online contact form.


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