Harobed offers one-on-one and group coaching services

Harobed’s Coaching Services (One-on-One & Group)

Harobed’s coaching services are provided both one-on-one, and in group settings, which can be small groups or entire companies. Each type of coaching varies with the client’s needs and resources, but in general they include:

• Executive and Corporate
• Career/Transitional
• Leadership
• Business
• Personal/Life

What Exactly Is Coaching?

According to The International Coach Federation, whose sole purpose is to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching:

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

At Harobed, Inc. in addition to being members of the International Coach Federation with Board Certified Coach Credentials, we come to our clients with over 20 years of unique Coaching, Training, Management and Leadership experience.

Do You Need A Coach?

The short answer…absolutely - unequivocally - yes! In addition to athletes, ask any person striving to be the best, already at their peak, or looking to sustain their success - they all have had coaches, trainers and/or mentors.

This fact crosses all boundaries and professions - Oprah Winfrey, Zig Ziglar, Billy Graham, Arthur Ashe, Denzel Washington, President Barack Obama or Jay Z - they all understood the need to bring in that added dimension to their existing gifts and skills to help leverage and ready them to prepare, execute and remain at their peak.

At Harobed, Inc. our commitment is… if you are open to scratch below the surface of areas, if you desire a change, if you are willing to ask yourself the tough questions, if you are courageous enough to say yes to the best your life or career has to offer.


Executive/Corporate Coaching

There are many needs individually and organizationally at the corporate level. Common to many is the need for leaders to navigate through pressing issues and challenges with teams and at the managerial and directorial level.

Executive coaching will help in areas such as:

• Improving morale
• Identifying and aligning talent appropriately
• Creating more consistent accountability at various levels
• Enhancing communication skills between supervisors and direct reports
• Creating an environment for more effective feedback follow-through (e.g. management, director-level and VP 360 reporting)

Career/Transitional Coaching

In life we experience numerous periods of change. As part of that journey however, there are times when the transition or career change/opportunity is more of a critical crossroads. Several keys to experiencing success through times like this include:

Having clarity about your own values, needs, and goals
Having a vision, a map and clear direction on how to get what you want and need

Leadership Coaching

Most high-performing people and organizations would likely agree that having the right leaders in the right places is critical to success and to top performance personally and/or professionally. In order to do that, leadership behaviors must be valued, assessed, and in many cases built.

Building leadership behaviors is an internal work that manifests outward results leading to solid teams, extraordinary managers, devoted and loyal teams, highly skilled employees in roles that benefit both themselves and the organizations they serve.

It's easier said than done, yet the results can be well worth it in both the short-term and long-term.


one-on-one coaching

Personal/Life Coaching

It is the absolute best expression of your life to live in alignment with your purpose. And by definition your purpose is your absolute reason for living and existing and how you are meant to serve others. When the desires you have in life, your values and needs are aligned with your purpose, fulfillment, and joy soon follow.

In personal and life coaching, self-exploration that encourages creativity and courage to move from dreaming to thinking to doing is how we empower you.

To learn more about how Harobed can help you and/or your organization, call us at 704-754-9544 in North Carolina, 1-855-HAROBED toll-free outside of NC, or use our convenient online contact form.

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