Watering Down Your Purpose

Someone once said, “you can have it all”. What does that mean anyway? Can you really have it all in the first place? How do we define “it all” and do we really want “it all”? Is that what we really really want?

We have become so widespread in our thinking that sometimes I think we have bought into the perspective that says the more we pursue and acquire the better the chances are of us being successful. Perhaps we have even adopted the belief that multi-tasking and navigating 10 visions is a far greater measure of revenue than the focus and commitment to one. According to an article I read this week in Inc. Magazine and according to my own life experience, this way of thinking could be a huge turn toward disappointment and burnout ultimately sabotaging excellence in the 1 area you may be purposed to thrive in.

Consider this:
What if what we really want is JUST 1 thing and that 1 thing is being masked and covered up by the noise from outside telling us we really need 5 – 10 things.
I’m not at all suggesting for example, that we can’t strive for both personal and professional visions to come to fruition in a prominent way. But I am raising food for thought that perhaps we should carefully examine our own inner motives for why we are pursuing the things we claim to “want and need”.(http://www.harobedinc.com/about-us.html#.UKMFzaVh55g)

So often we don’t even realize that the deep yearning in our hearts is NOT coming from a communication to us from “God” as to what we should be pursuing but a deep void from within ourselves we are attempting to “SELF-FULFILL” with the significance of yet another venture, another task, another relationship, another job, another city, another marriage, another something. Quite frankly, another anything to self-medicate and not do the work that helps us “Be Ready” and “Positioned” to know EXACTLY WHAT AND HOW TO PURSUE THE PRIMARY TARGET.

The challenge is that by not being clear we actually water down our 1 true purpose and rob the world of receiving from us the one thing they can only get from us and no one else. (www.harobedinc.com)

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