I’m Afraid

Is it challenging to say the words  “I’m afraid”?  You’re not alone.  After 20 years of DSC_0092_ppcompeting as an athlete and excelling in corporate I learned that saying the words “I’m afraid” unleashes power not weakness.  Of course I’m not suggesting making some public declaration in inappropriate places but more about what damage not admitting fear to yourself can do in relationships and the outcomes in your life when attempting to cover it up and pretend it does not exist.  Awareness coupled with acknowledgement creates an incredible opportunity to move forward with complete clarity.

I am a firm believer http://harobedinc.com/blog/harobeds-newsletter-blog-insights-of-discovery-clarity-to-reach-your-potential/# in respecting the power of words.  Biblical principles tell us that you become what you speak and out of the mouth flows the beliefs of the heart, so we must take control over our negative thoughts and speaking patterns to create the reality and life we desire.  And…. just because we believe something is true does not make it true so every day it is critically important to know what things and situations in our lives are triggers keeping us from being the person and having the success we want.  Admitting fear when it comes to our movement forward is “a game changer”. You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge.

Fear is an immobilizer and while I cannot say I have arrived, I can certainly say that I have left the building.  The ability to become introspective enough through prayer and a very close circle of spiritual and life mentors and advisors has been the true catalyst in my development – it is a life long process.  It takes time to work the muscle that helps you to zero in on “the real fears” underneath that are holding back progress in any area of life.  In fact so many believe that digging that deep causes more pain than simply living life on the surface -that is a myth many believe and completely untrue.  On the other side of identifying where “I’m afraid” is the tremendous clarity of living a powerful, purposeful and laser-focused life that gives courage for so many to become brave and do the same.

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