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Today I was reminded that everything that happens to us is really intended for a greater purpose.  But in order to see, hear and receive the lesson we must “allow” ourselves to be transformed.  The bad news is it often times hurts; the good news is when we “allow it” it lasts forever.  So how do we allow?  Choose to say “yes”.  Choose to say yes to the struggle, the heartbreak, the uncertainties and the seeming failures that make it all seem so grim.

We must be willing to “surrender” and accept the disappointments, surprises and challenges that happen in our lives because without them we will likely never be able to cross over to a place of understanding.  With understanding comes the awareness that all that has happened to you is really “for you”.  This, my friends is a transformative life-lesson.  Whatever difficulty life has brought to you was in essence intended to “free you”.  Believe me when I tell you, I have not been immune from this lesson about life – in fact, I’m still learning and growing (

While disappointment and pain can have more than 1 purpose, I am of the mindset that its ultimate purpose is to build character, perseverance, courage and integrity.  Remember what was said. Character is the actual tree.  Reputation is merely the shadow of the tree. What we need and should desire is what is real to sustain us and not what is an image to the world.  Fame and surface pursuits cannot truly fill the secret spaces in your life – they only pretend to.  And when we realize all we were fighting, kicking, screaming and robbing for didn’t really give us what we really wanted and needed then we will have to learn the lesson all over again.

If you are really ready to make that big leap in your life, career, responsibility from being a talker to a doer you must be “willing” to get this.  As long as we have breathe in our bodies; as long as we’ve been blessed with our eyes opening one more morning, we are gifted with the responsibility of persevering to the next moment and bringing with us the wisdom, teaching, and lessons of yesterday. To learn more about how to live and lead others purposefully visit us at:


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  1. admin says:

    yes Allison, I have lived this reality. Standing your ground is not easy and sometimes can cause tremendous anxiety. Solace comes in knowing however that integrity is not for sale.

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