Be An Encouragement ~ It’s Not All About You

This week I was blessed with an opportunity that encouraged me while stressing the importance of Harobed’s vision to encourage others.  Over 20 years I’ve coached, trained and spoken to many, I was invited to join Klarque Garrison on his Radio Show “the conversation” out of Atlanta, GA.  It was time to brave another 1st – Radio.  Amidst all the marketing and promoting as my company Harobed, Inc. rapidly takes it’s wings to serve the world, I received so many supportive emails, phone calls, texts, and Facebook messages ( all encouraging me before and after the interview.  What a gift! The encouragement and well wishes were so appreciated.  And while as a coach-trainer it’s definitely important to take a step back and critique myself on how I can continue to be a sharp vessel, it was so clear to me how consistently this all aligned with Harobed’s mission and purpose to help others by remaining honest, yet kind, and thought-full in being an encouragement to help others move toward the inspiration and accomplishments of more of “their firsts”

I began to think about some challenges many face in starting “anew”, reinventing, or simply attempting to move forward on multiple fronts – how? Where do I start?  Well…interestingly enough the forward movement journey in your professional or personal life is like learning how to play a new sport – it’s always about the fundamentals. And so I share with you 5 practical solutions that are not complicated but “priceless”.

1.  Be Fearless! – About the pursuit of clarity and execution of your personal and professional endeavors.

2.  Be Focused! – Perceptively insightful and deep thinking about the needs of others.  Think before you speak.

3.  Know Yourself! – So you can exert your energy “doing you” not someone else.  Life is short don’t minimize the importance of self-awareness.

4.  Be a Good Listener! – So you can be your most effective for others and yourself requires less words and more active listening.  Seeking to understand.

5.  Know Your Friends! – Once you start to take flight you may begin to see a different side to many people around you.  And wisdom says “friends – true friends” – are few and far between. With so many voices in the background – criticisms, advice, unsolicited comments etc., remain centered so you can recognize the voices you should listen to and those you may need to drown out.

At the end of the day, keep in mind this truth, “Business Lessons parallel Life Lessons” and all your experiences can teach you something quite transforming.  After all…. out of some of my most painful and unexpected experiences, Harobed, Inc. was born and given life.  And it came out of a desire for me to allow my life to be an encouragement to others. You can do the same.


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