“Win Your Race ~ With a Championship Mindset”

This last month has been jam packed for Harobed as she continues to build and grow into the Marketplace.  As President, I learn everyday what it takes and will continue to take for her to become the recognized Brand and Resource she is intended to be in the world.  Commitment, Laser-Focus, & Execution of the Proper Sales & Marketing Strategies with impeccable timing which also means development of a keen ability to tap into my gut and intuition for decision-making.

Over the past few weeks I think all of us have spent time relishing in the amazing accomplishments of so many fine athletes competing in the Olympics.  We’ve experienced many emotions watching our USA compete – awe, excitement, inspiration and motivation.  Perhaps with it even a push to get up and take action toward accomplishing a goal of our own – professionally or personally.  Watching the results of others’ sacrifices and years of training to compete and win is like a virus to inspire us to do it as well.

The challenge is when we finish watching others and their victories we must pick up our own lives and careers to execute without the motivation of the Olympians.   I began to think what a great time to share an “absolute truth” to help others begin to set a foundation for how to go about experiencing your own road to “Olympic Victory”.

Whether it’s your career and a quest to know which direction to take upward or your life and how to make the next defining move to freedom it all starts with a decision and that decision has to come from a mindset of winning and not losing. Champions have many things in common but one thing that is at the top of the list is “Championship Thinking.”  When asked how she remained focus to control her nerves under pressure Gabrielle Douglas responded, “I meditate day and night on scriptures in the bible.” The point I make is this, first you make a decision, then followed by the decision has to be a reconstruction and reconfiguration of the mind.  It doesn’t happen on it’s own.  We have to train it.

So when you show up for your next endeavor or as you plot out the strategy for your next move on the checker board of life remember before you just jump right in that having longevity and sustained performance so you can perform under pressure with consistency requires your mind to be filled with truth, powerful positive thinking and wisdom which are all like food for the body to develop a winners way of thinking  – “A Championship Mindset.”

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