I’m Afraid

Is it challenging to say the words  “I’m afraid”?  You’re not alone.  After 20 years of DSC_0092_ppcompeting as an athlete and excelling in corporate I learned that saying the words “I’m afraid” unleashes power not weakness.  Of course I’m not suggesting making some public declaration in inappropriate places but more about what damage not admitting fear to yourself can do in relationships and the outcomes in your life when attempting to cover it up and pretend it does not exist.  Awareness coupled with acknowledgement creates an incredible opportunity to move forward with complete clarity.

I am a firm believer http://harobedinc.com/blog/harobeds-newsletter-blog-insights-of-discovery-clarity-to-reach-your-potential/# in respecting the power of words.  Biblical principles tell us that you become what you speak and out of the mouth flows the beliefs of the heart, so we must take control over our negative thoughts and speaking patterns to create the reality and life we desire.  And…. just because we believe something is true does not make it true so every day it is critically important to know what things and situations in our lives are triggers keeping us from being the person and having the success we want.  Admitting fear when it comes to our movement forward is “a game changer”. You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge.

Fear is an immobilizer and while I cannot say I have arrived, I can certainly say that I have left the building.  The ability to become introspective enough through prayer and a very close circle of spiritual and life mentors and advisors has been the true catalyst in my development – it is a life long process.  It takes time to work the muscle that helps you to zero in on “the real fears” underneath that are holding back progress in any area of life.  In fact so many believe that digging that deep causes more pain than simply living life on the surface -that is a myth many believe and completely untrue.  On the other side of identifying where “I’m afraid” is the tremendous clarity of living a powerful, purposeful and laser-focused life that gives courage for so many to become brave and do the same.

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The Architecture of Leadership

“The Architecture of Leadership”

So often we think of leadership in the context of Executives and Managing and Supervising people. Yet, it is so much more…The concept of leadership runs broad and deep into the lifeline of people, their lives and the lives of the people surrounding them. You know why?

Because leadership has to do with guiding and directing and influencing of others – and like anything, there are paths we can take that end up being productive bearing great fruit and their are paths we can take that contribute to us bearing “not so good fruit”. I find in my consults, coaching and speaking (http://www.harobedinc.com/deborah-jackson.html#.UKkzmIXgKt8so) many don’t really stop to ask which road they really want to take and what result they really want to get……..READ MORE (http://harobedinc.com/blog/harobeds-newsletter-blog-insights-of-discovery-clarity-to-reach-your-potential/#)

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Watering Down Your Purpose

Someone once said, “you can have it all”. What does that mean anyway? Can you really have it all in the first place? How do we define “it all” and do we really want “it all”? Is that what we really really want?

We have become so widespread in our thinking that sometimes I think we have bought into the perspective that says the more we pursue and acquire the better the chances are of us being successful. Perhaps we have even adopted the belief that multi-tasking and navigating 10 visions is a far greater measure of revenue than the focus and commitment to one. According to an article I read this week in Inc. Magazine and according to my own life experience, this way of thinking could be a huge turn toward disappointment and burnout ultimately sabotaging excellence in the 1 area you may be purposed to thrive in.

Consider this:
What if what we really want is JUST 1 thing and that 1 thing is being masked and covered up by the noise from outside telling us we really need 5 – 10 things.
I’m not at all suggesting for example, that we can’t strive for both personal and professional visions to come to fruition in a prominent way. But I am raising food for thought that perhaps we should carefully examine our own inner motives for why we are pursuing the things we claim to “want and need”.(http://www.harobedinc.com/about-us.html#.UKMFzaVh55g)

So often we don’t even realize that the deep yearning in our hearts is NOT coming from a communication to us from “God” as to what we should be pursuing but a deep void from within ourselves we are attempting to “SELF-FULFILL” with the significance of yet another venture, another task, another relationship, another job, another city, another marriage, another something. Quite frankly, another anything to self-medicate and not do the work that helps us “Be Ready” and “Positioned” to know EXACTLY WHAT AND HOW TO PURSUE THE PRIMARY TARGET.

The challenge is that by not being clear we actually water down our 1 true purpose and rob the world of receiving from us the one thing they can only get from us and no one else. (www.harobedinc.com)

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Choose Yes

Today I was reminded that everything that happens to us is really intended for a greater purpose.  But in order to see, hear and receive the lesson we must “allow” ourselves to be transformed.  The bad news is it often times hurts; the good news is when we “allow it” it lasts forever.  So how do we allow?  Choose to say “yes”.  Choose to say yes to the struggle, the heartbreak, the uncertainties and the seeming failures that make it all seem so grim.

We must be willing to “surrender” and accept the disappointments, surprises and challenges that happen in our lives because without them we will likely never be able to cross over to a place of understanding.  With understanding comes the awareness that all that has happened to you is really “for you”.  This, my friends is a transformative life-lesson.  Whatever difficulty life has brought to you was in essence intended to “free you”.  Believe me when I tell you, I have not been immune from this lesson about life – in fact, I’m still learning and growing (http://www.harobedinc.com/deborah-jackson.html#.UJLkQbRwZ5g)

While disappointment and pain can have more than 1 purpose, I am of the mindset that its ultimate purpose is to build character, perseverance, courage and integrity.  Remember what was said. Character is the actual tree.  Reputation is merely the shadow of the tree. What we need and should desire is what is real to sustain us and not what is an image to the world.  Fame and surface pursuits cannot truly fill the secret spaces in your life – they only pretend to.  And when we realize all we were fighting, kicking, screaming and robbing for didn’t really give us what we really wanted and needed then we will have to learn the lesson all over again.

If you are really ready to make that big leap in your life, career, responsibility from being a talker to a doer you must be “willing” to get this.  As long as we have breathe in our bodies; as long as we’ve been blessed with our eyes opening one more morning, we are gifted with the responsibility of persevering to the next moment and bringing with us the wisdom, teaching, and lessons of yesterday. To learn more about how to live and lead others purposefully visit us at: http://www.harobedinc.com/about-us.html#.UJLlrrRwZ5g


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“Win Your Race ~ With a Championship Mindset”

This last month has been jam packed for Harobed as she continues to build and grow into the Marketplace.  As President, I learn everyday what it takes and will continue to take for her to become the recognized Brand and Resource she is intended to be in the world.  Commitment, Laser-Focus, & Execution of the Proper Sales & Marketing Strategies with impeccable timing which also means development of a keen ability to tap into my gut and intuition for decision-making.

Over the past few weeks I think all of us have spent time relishing in the amazing accomplishments of so many fine athletes competing in the Olympics.  We’ve experienced many emotions watching our USA compete – awe, excitement, inspiration and motivation.  Perhaps with it even a push to get up and take action toward accomplishing a goal of our own – professionally or personally.  Watching the results of others’ sacrifices and years of training to compete and win is like a virus to inspire us to do it as well.

The challenge is when we finish watching others and their victories we must pick up our own lives and careers to execute without the motivation of the Olympians.   I began to think what a great time to share an “absolute truth” to help others begin to set a foundation for how to go about experiencing your own road to “Olympic Victory”.

Whether it’s your career and a quest to know which direction to take upward or your life and how to make the next defining move to freedom it all starts with a decision and that decision has to come from a mindset of winning and not losing. Champions have many things in common but one thing that is at the top of the list is “Championship Thinking.”  When asked how she remained focus to control her nerves under pressure Gabrielle Douglas responded, “I meditate day and night on scriptures in the bible.” The point I make is this, first you make a decision, then followed by the decision has to be a reconstruction and reconfiguration of the mind.  It doesn’t happen on it’s own.  We have to train it.

So when you show up for your next endeavor or as you plot out the strategy for your next move on the checker board of life remember before you just jump right in that having longevity and sustained performance so you can perform under pressure with consistency requires your mind to be filled with truth, powerful positive thinking and wisdom which are all like food for the body to develop a winners way of thinking  – “A Championship Mindset.”

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Be An Encouragement ~ It’s Not All About You

This week I was blessed with an opportunity that encouraged me while stressing the importance of Harobed’s vision to encourage others.  Over 20 years I’ve coached, trained and spoken to many, I was invited to join Klarque Garrison on his Radio Show “the conversation” out of Atlanta, GA.  It was time to brave another 1st – Radio.  Amidst all the marketing and promoting as my company Harobed, Inc. rapidly takes it’s wings to serve the world, I received so many supportive emails, phone calls, texts, and Facebook messages (www.facebook.com/HarobedInc.) all encouraging me before and after the interview.  What a gift! The encouragement and well wishes were so appreciated.  And while as a coach-trainer it’s definitely important to take a step back and critique myself on how I can continue to be a sharp vessel, it was so clear to me how consistently this all aligned with Harobed’s mission and purpose to help others by remaining honest, yet kind, and thought-full in being an encouragement to help others move toward the inspiration and accomplishments of more of “their firsts”

I began to think about some challenges many face in starting “anew”, reinventing, or simply attempting to move forward on multiple fronts – how? Where do I start?  Well…interestingly enough the forward movement journey in your professional or personal life is like learning how to play a new sport – it’s always about the fundamentals. And so I share with you 5 practical solutions that are not complicated but “priceless”.

1.  Be Fearless! – About the pursuit of clarity and execution of your personal and professional endeavors.

2.  Be Focused! – Perceptively insightful and deep thinking about the needs of others.  Think before you speak.

3.  Know Yourself! – So you can exert your energy “doing you” not someone else.  Life is short don’t minimize the importance of self-awareness.

4.  Be a Good Listener! – So you can be your most effective for others and yourself requires less words and more active listening.  Seeking to understand.

5.  Know Your Friends! – Once you start to take flight you may begin to see a different side to many people around you.  And wisdom says “friends – true friends” – are few and far between. With so many voices in the background – criticisms, advice, unsolicited comments etc., remain centered so you can recognize the voices you should listen to and those you may need to drown out.

At the end of the day, keep in mind this truth, “Business Lessons parallel Life Lessons” and all your experiences can teach you something quite transforming.  After all…. out of some of my most painful and unexpected experiences, Harobed, Inc. was born and given life.  And it came out of a desire for me to allow my life to be an encouragement to others. You can do the same.


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