Harobed's Proprietary "Flight Path" Assessment Tool

Assessment Tools To Help You Understand Your Strengths And Opportunities

Moving From The Middle, Taking Flight

Harobed knows from decades of experience that the key to an individual or organization attaining and sustaining peak performance is "movement from the middle". In any situation you will always have those individuals that tend to rise to the top, perhaps some struggling at lower level and then many in "the middle". It's the people in the middle who can transform an organization, or a desire to move from mediocrity, that changes an individual’s life and an organization’s total success.

For an executive, professional or corporation to achieve high sustainable performance and attain both short and long term goals and objectives, multiple steps are needed. This includes systematically assessing, developing and tracking a person’s progress on critical personal or professional competencies required to become strong leaders and/or managers of people.

While there are wonderful assessment tools available in the marketplace, we at Harobed have taken a more customized approach and developed our own system known as FlightPaths™, in keeping with our corporate symbol of the eagle taking flight.

FlightPaths Audiences and Users

• Executives
• Professionals
• Representatives
• Management
• Individual Approaches
• Supervisory - Direct Report Partnership Approaches

Industries and Professions

• Sales
• Professional Services
• Healthcare Industry

What Does FlightPaths Evaluate?

FlightPaths™ was developed and built on the defining principle that in order to identify leadership potential, in order be a great leader and to effectively lead others, one has to strike an exceptional balance and excellence between both proper skill development and leadership behaviors.

Without both, though never easy, organizations and individuals are at a higher risk for having people with underdeveloped skills and potentially harmful leadership behaviors that can result in less than desired performance outcomes.

Looking at the core issues from a corporate perspective, 80% of people who leave their jobs do so because of their supervisors, and from an individual perspective over 86% of people lack success in their endeavors because of poor planning and underdeveloped skills and leadership behaviors.

What is the Purpose of FlightPaths™?

For Individuals:

FlightPaths was designed to identify skill and behavioral gaps while assisting clients in a creative exploration process of:

• Aligning core values
• Creating realistic goals
• Developing action plans, timelines and a support system of accountability to achieve desired outcomes.

If you are an executive or professional interested in improving your own skill leadership potential, FlightPaths will empower you to become a better leader through self-awareness, tracking and measuring your own success by creating personal milestones

For Organizations:

FlightPaths was designed to be an employee developmental tool that will help in offering multiple resources:

• To meet the specific needs of each individual client
• To provide an on-going collaborative process for all types of supervisors and direct-report relationships
• To have open dialogue specific to the competencies needed for individuals to reach their career goals
• To provide through the utilization of the Assessment Tools more focused insight on significant areas
• To prioritize developmental needs and leadership behaviors, and align them with the most effective tools, resources and activities that will strengthen the competencies needed, continuing to develop, achieve results and reach career goals

To learn more about how FlightPaths™ and Harobed can help you and/or your organization, call us at 704-754-9544 in North Carolina, 1-855-HAROBED toll-free outside of NC, or use our convenient online contact form.


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