About Harobed, Inc. – Focus, Values, Skills, Benefits

At Harobed Inc., We Are:

• Coaches, Speakers, Trainers - Harobed serves clients in both one-on-one and group coaching venues with executive, business, career, leadership and personal/life coaching opportunities. Our primary goal is to help identify and bring clarity to areas which you identify as important with our assistance, while helping to set you and others involved on their right course for success

• Speakers - For many years Harobed has addressed audiences of thousands across multiple sectors, ages, titles and levels of expertise in sales, marketing, human resources, non-profits and various diverse organizational needs (e.g., women's organizations, churches, and retreats).

Whether the goal is to:
• Empower a group with knowledge and understanding
• Inspire people to change by sharing stories of overcoming adversity
• Rolling out large-scale multi-level initiatives across an entire organization, or
• Delivering business plans that mobilize and spark creativity throughout a team of executives...
• Harobed will customize and individualize its keynote addresses and deliver to audiences with an authority that brings passion and change.

• Trainers - With respect to teaching, Harobed gives all we have to building the skills of individuals to be the best they can be.
• With years of clinical, pharmacology, leadership and sales training, we know gifts and talents are part of the equation, yet practice and execution are the other part.
• We're unique in that often we call ourselves coach-trainers. As coaches we help extract what you already have inside you, and as trainers we can help hone and develop the necessary skills and behaviors that - as any champion athlete will tell you - comes only with dedication, practice and training.

Our value system is built around what we call “The 5 C's of Leadership”:

1. Character - Being true to who you are and walking the talk; being real; knowing and embracing your values; believing in yourself, and living courageously enough to take some risks when necessary

2. Courage – Acting when necessary amidst fear, grief, pain, anxiety and/or persecution. Leading is relatively easy when everyone agrees or when the decision being made goes with the majority. A greater depth of extraordinary leadership comes when one is strong enough to act amidst opposition.

3. Championship Mindset - Thinking, speaking, living as a winner, competitor, and leader with laser-focus

4. Communication - Being an effective, mobilizing, empowering, inspiring communicator who not only gets others’ attention and excitement, but carries an authority to transform lives beyond the encounter.

5. Commitment - While we can't make decisions for you, or give you the desire and determination to be and do what you are purposed to do, we approach every person with the belief that inside you is the unwavering capacity to go past fear and confusion and commit to your right decisions, choices and/or path.

Learn more about the 5 C's of Leadership here.

Harobed has extensive knowledge and experience that will benefit areas of:

Performance Management
Skill Development
Sales management
Building Cohesive Teams
Selling Techniques
Training the Trainer
Coaching the Coach

Harobed also has extensive areas of specialized knowledge in:

Medical & Surgical Sales
Consumer Products
Professional Services Industries (therapeutic, hospital systems, helping professions)
Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners

Our coaching services benefit our clients by helping them develop better and stronger:

Management skills
Leadership behaviors
Action plans
Accountability and scorecard measures
Team units
Supervisory-direct report relationships

To learn more about how Harobed can help you and/or your organization, call us at 704-754-9544 in North Carolina, 1-855-HAROBED toll-free outside of NC, or use our convenient online contact form.


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